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The first picture of Mars from Curiosity.

Honestly, I can’t believe that worked. What a feat.

Insanely great.

Neil deGrasse Tyson’s “Audacious Visions" + Clint Mansell’s "Leaving Earth" (Mass Effect 3)= An amazing video.


The Saucy Spacegirl and the Metaluna Mutant

I am working on a design for a banner to promote my art stuff at conventions and this is the design I am thinking of using. I still have a few tweaks to make but it’s mostly here.

What do you think? Would this grab your attention? 

4000 x 3127 px 13.2 MB Holy…………wow. I feel so………wow. 0_0 <3

How we choose the framing of the scene.
Hate begins to spill across the screen.
Blinding light illuminates the scene.
Try to fill the spaces in between.
The Space in Between, How to Destroy Angels


Invading your sofa

This can invade my home any day. :D